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Electoral roll searches for 2012

Welcome To Electoral Roll 2012

The Electoral Roll 2012 is available for you to search through. Do you need to find people or somebody's address? By searching the 2012 Electoral roll  you can find them very fast and easily, its FREE to try  and it only costs a few pence if you want the full details.

The Electoral roll  is a record of all UK people who are registered to vote in a given electoral region. The electoral roll enables  the process of voting, it helps  prevent electoral fraud and is also used to select people for jury services. It is sometimes referred to as the Electoral Register.

Peoples details are held on the Electoral Roll and searching this can help find locate or trace a person, i.e. an Electoral Roll Search 2012.

The Electoral roll 2012 in detail

The electoral roll is available for every electoral poll district and has two versions or formats. The full
electoral roll is made available for a supervised inspection. It is this roll that is used for voting and the supply & use is strictly limited by  law. Copies of the electoral roll are available to certain groups and individuals, such as credit reference agencies.

In early Oct 2002, new regulations under the Representation of the People (England & Wales) (Amendment) 2002 Act came into effect, which provided for two versions of the electoral roll being produced the Full Electoral Roll 2012 and Edited Electoral Roll 2012.

What is the Full Electoral Roll 2012?

The full roll lists everyone who may vote In the UK

The UK's 3 Credit reference agencies,Equifax, Experian and Callcredit are allowed to use the full electoral roll, but only to verify a persons name and address, for example  if  they are applying for credit or to prevent money laundering.

The general public is not allowed access to the full Electoral Roll after October 2002 but can access the full electoral roll before this date or full edited versions for all years including 2003.2004,2005,2006,2007,2008.2009,2010,2011 and 2012.

What is the Edited Electoral Roll?

The edited electoral roll is minus the names and addresses of people who have requested their names be taken of it. The edited Electoral Roll can be searched or accessed by anyone, This edited version of the electoral roll is easily searchable using online search facilities like 192., Go ahead use the search box in the top right hand corner of this page, its free to try and if you find the person you are looking for the full electoral results can be seen in detail.

How many records are available on the 2012 electoral roll?

Approximately 30 million people are recorded on the latest edited 2012 Electoral Roll, and 213 million records in total spanning twelve years. All records available at 192, click on the banners on this page to start searching today.

Search the 2012 Electoral Roll Now

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Search the Electoral Roll for 2012

In order to search the electoral roll for 2012 you just need the persons first name and surname, if you have a middle initial or approximate idea where they may be living ie a radius of 14 miles from  Chipping Norton this will help to cut down the number of results and enable you to find the person you are searching for faster.

Click on the 192 banners to start searching the Electoral Roll for 2012 today.

When is the Electoral Roll published?

Between August and October each year, an electoral registration form is delivered to all addresses in the UK. When  its received the details need to be checked to make sure they are correct. It is then returned to the electoral registration office. The new Electoral Roll is published on 1 December every year.